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How to Find a Personal Trainer to Come to my Apartment Gym?

You‘ve decided to hire a personal trainer to come to your beautiful apartment gym. This is a great option because you probably use the fitness center about as much as the pool, and heck your high rent includes both.

So, how do you find the right personal trainer to come to your apartment gym? Your best option is to use a concierge fitness company, now let’s go over all the reasons why.

What is a Concierge Fitness Company?

A concierge fitness company, also known as a mobile fitness company, is a company that sends qualified fitness professionals directly to you for Private services. The type of fitness pros can vary between companies, however most have personal training and yoga.

My company Luxury Living Fitness, not only provides the aforementioned, but also includes private Pilates, private dance lessons, private boxing/MMA lessons, and more.

Most companies also offer Semi-Private sessions, which involves 2 clients/residents sharing the private lesson/session. This is a great way to cut costs and help motivate each other.

What are the Advantages of Using a Concierge or Mobile Fitness Company?

1. Money Security - When you buy sessions from a personal trainer or any fitness pro, you are putting your confidence in someone you don‘t really know.

Since most trainers work on a prepay structure you run the risk of losing your money. Too many times people have come to me after their trainer has gone “MIA”. This can happen at any point, even if things have been going well for multiple package renewals.

By using a reputable company, you know your money is more likely to be secure, even if your trainer is unable to complete the prepaid arrangement.

2. Qualification Verification - Having a company qualify your fitness professional is of utmost importance. Your putting your body into the hands of someone that claims to be certified pro.

Today there are more people claiming to be trainers that you would or could even imagine. What organization they are certified with and if their certification is even current are two things the average person is unaware of.

There are also necessary complimentary licenses such as a current CPR/AED card and current personal liability insurances, which all independents may let lapse.

3. Easier to Switch Trainers - Let‘s face it, just like your personal relationships, your relationship with your trainer can go sour.

Using a concierge fitness company can alleviate the social awkwardness of not wanting to continue with that particular trainer. This is especially difficult in a membership gym setting as you will most likely be running into them from time to time.

4. Save on Membership - Having a Mobile Trainer come to you means no gym membership. Remember, you already pay for your apartment fitness center. Factor in the monthly membership cost savings into your personal training package and you’re more than likely paying even less than the cost per session.

5. Convenience - Leave your gym bag at home! We are in the world of concierge services. Why deal with traffic to and from the gym? Why lose energy and motivation due to the drain of commuting times? Use your own shower after your session and arrive by walking to your community gym.

6. Your Trainer Doesn’t Live There - Some people hire a trainer that lives in their building. This can work well for some, however this can really weird, really fast if you have a fallout.

7. Training Experience - A lot of trainers claim to be in the game for many years with plenty of experience. It’s hard for the average person to verify such things.

Again, you’re trusting your body with this person. This can be a “roll of the dice” especially with someone that has prior injuries or other health concerns.


In summary, we have access online to find all types of fitness professionals. However, when you weigh the cost difference versus the security, it usually makes the most sense to hire through a reputable company.

Your body, your money, and your time are at stake so let’s do the right thing and hire someone that can best protect you.

Are you ready to get started today in the convenience of your apartment fitness center with a qualified and certified fitness professional?

Check out my Mobile Training company today to book your initial session!


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